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Agua Limpa


Coutume was founded in 2011 at the heart of Paris and owned by two well-reknown veteran of the Paris specialty coffee scene, Antoine Netien and Tom Clarke. Coutume is both cafe and roaster supplying beans to over 60 bars, restaurants and hotels across the city.

The Agua Limpa Valley and the farm of Serra do Cigano are largely watered by the Rio Pardo, which allows them abundant access to pure water. It is in these conditions that since 2008, the Dos Santos, Jacon and Vicente families work together to produce the best coffee in their region.

Flavor Notes: dark chocolate, cashew nuts & cane sugar.

Weight: 250gr

Country: Brazil
Region: Caconde, Sao Paulo
Elevation: 1,200 - 1340 masl
Varietal: Catuai, Bourbon
Processing: Natural
Roast Date: June 25th, 2018