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Brazil Junqueria Reis


Located in the Serra da Mantiqueira, in the city of Carmo de Minas, MG, JR Farm is owned by two brothers, José Flávio Ferraz Reis and Pedro Sérgio Ferraz Reis. JR farm is exposed to perfect conditions for the production of specialty coffees as high altitude between 1050 to 1360, with defined seasons, raining in the summer and enough sun during the winter. Quality has been the focus of the producers over the years. JR farm have won several awards in the competition of BSCA which is the most famous quality contest. Flávio e Pedro are concerned about the environment, preserving springs and native for- est. In 2016 JR farm placed 2nd in the Cocarive Speicalty Coffee Competition, pulp natural category with a score of 89.75

Roaster: Proud Mary
Weight: 250gr
Tasting notes: Orange citrus, caramel, milk chocolate