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Burundi Heza Gitwe - Johan & Nyström


Heza is the second washing station built by Ben and Kristy Carlson, an American family who moved to Burundi when they realised the potential of Burundi coffee and its farmers. It is an important part of the Long Miles Coffee Project, their farmer focused initiative. The washing station opened in April 2014 and was their second station. It’s located in the Kayanza region in Burundi at over 1900 m.a.s.l. the harvest begins in April, and finishes by the end of June.

A total of 1876 farmers delivered coffee cherry to Heza washing station in 2014. Over eight hundred of these farmers were individuals who brought cherry to the station and the remaining farmers delivered their cherry to collection points in the region. These collection points shorten the distance farmers have to carry their coffee cherry to meet the Long Miles six hour pick-to-process quality timing mark.

Roaster: Johan & Nyström
Roast Date: August 08, 2017
Weight: 250gr
Tasting Notes: raspberry, dark cherry, raw sugar