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Burundi Ngozi


The second coffee is Burundi Ngozi roasted Tobi’s Coffee & Roastery. This coffee came from Gatukuza washing station, located in the Ngozi provence in northern Burundi. The farmers on average own about 300 trees. Burundi has fantastic topography for coffee so it’s somewhat surprising that it only began to be grown by the Belgians in the early 1930s. In Burundi its entirely smallholder farms that cultivate the coffee made up of 700.000 families. Burundi has had a difficult recent history, having to bare the troubles that come with decolonisation including a civil war and some of the lowest GDP per-capita incomes on the continent. This belies the warmth of the people and the beauty of the country. The coffee industries cooperative system has been revitalised and is now injecting a consistent income stream into the country.

As for the coffee, it has an excellent balance! The roasters have managed to lower the bitterness and the acidity in this coffee, this result found on the sugar cane’s sweetness and finished with the tropical fruit aftertaste. Treat your palate with a cup of this great coffee!

Roaster:: Tobi's Coffee Roastery
Roast Date: August 18, 2017
Tasting Notes: Red Tea, Sugar Cane, Mid Body, Tropical Fruit