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Southern Huila is surrounded by coffee areas which has amazing potential. San Augustin and Pitalito are the main cities from this area. This coffee is developed by Elver Males who happens to be a small producer in Isnos in Southern Huila. He's cultivating the very interesting variety of Tabi which is a cross of Typica, Bourbon, and Timor. This varietal that grown in the elevation of 1,900masl had been developed to withstand coffee leaf rust, but still have the good properties of its Typica and Caturra parents.

The small farm of Elver Males is a member of Cadefihuila Co-Operative that focuses on quality, selecting coffees that are 86 points and above with moisture less than 11%. Here, coffee is picked in 3-4 passes, 1st and last pass is generally for lower quality, while 2nd and 3rd are considered the best, with more ripe cherries and uniform quality. Only coffees from 2nd/3rd phases are selected. Coffees then pulped in the afternoon and they go straight into the fermentation tanks for 1-2 days, depending on temperature (higher temp speeds up fermentation process).

Then the coffees are washed in small channels and the floaters are picked out as well. Finally the coffees are sun-dried in parabolic dryers that works as green houses, until the coffees are below 11% moisture which normally takes 10-18 days.

In the roasting process, Smoking Barrels as the roaster stated that this coffee has a very high density, which makes roasting tricky, making sure the roasted coffee is properly developed while maintaining its unique flavors. Come up as the roastery that have the values for maintain beans quality and flavor, Smoking Barrels using software which is able to track the roast and analyze the result so that improvements can be made in the next roasts. Once they have created the most suitable profile for the coffee, they are able to replay and track the production roast to make sure it follows the original profile.

Roaster: Smoking Barrels
Region: Isnos, Southern Huila
Process: Fully washed
Taste Notes: Balanced, Sweet, Rainier Cherry, Appricot
Roast Date: 2/2/2018
Variety: Tabi
Altitude: 1900

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