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Colombia Milciadez Diaz Lactic

KLTR Coffee Roaster

Roaster: KLTR Coffee Roaster 
Origin: Colombia

Producer: La Palma El Tucan
Variety: Mix Variety
Process: Lactic Fermentation
Tasting Notes: Dried Apricot, Mandarin Orange, Blackberry

This coffee comes from one of the most advanced producers in Colombia, La Palma El Tucan. They did several experiments to improve the quality coming from their farms by testing out different fermentation style, such as this lactic fermentation. 

Milciadez Diaz comes from a farm near La Palma's washing station, therefore, it's included in their neighbor and crops category, and this year we're buying 2 coffee that we're going to release later.

Aside from the fermentation experiment, they also planted several unique varieties such as Sidra, Geisha, Typica, and SL28. 

All our coffee are roasted using our vintage Probat UG-15 in our roastery and already packed using the Nitrogen-Flush sealing technology to keep the coffee beans fresh up to 3 months.

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