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El Puente Marysabel

Curious People

Roaster: Curious People
Region: Marcala, Honduras
Altitude: 1,600 M ASL
Varietal: Java
Processing: Washed
Tasting Notes: Red Fruit, Pommegranate, Cantaloupe, Sweet Honey
Weight: 200gram

El Puente Marysabel

As a fourth generation coffee farmer, Marysabel’s bond with coffee is intimately connected to her family’s history. Coffee cultivation in her family dates back around 1907, when her great-grandfather began growing coffee in Honduras. Moises Herrera came into coffee as an employee of a Guatemalan coffee exporter. On a visit to Honduras in 1992 he saw an area in the municipality of Chinacla which had ideal altitude and conditions to produce high quality coffee. The pair were married in 1996 and together they began planting and cultivating coffee on their first farm, La Maltide.

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