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El Salvador Espana


The España farm is located in the Quezalepa canton of the Apaneca municipality, Ahuacapán department of El Salvador. Apaneca itself is located on the Ipanaca-Ilamatepec mountain range in western El Salvador. Ipanaca-Ilamatepec counts many still active volcanoes. The Ipanaca-Ilamatepec region takes its name from the mountain range which defines the topography of western El Salvador.

The volcanic chain, stretching from 300 to 2381masl, lies in between the towns of Santa Ana and Apaneca. Coffee farming took ground here early in the 19th century. Most of El Salvador’s large plantations were built on the hillsides of the volcanoes in this mountain range. Coffee plantations are built both on the northern and the southern sides of the volcano. Year after year, many Cup of Excellence winning coffees come from this hilly region. The España plantation itself lies in the an altitude of 1300 to 1450masl.

Nora Lemus de Diaz Nuila is the one whose responsible to manage the 22 hectare farm, which is only planted with Bourbon and Pacas trees. The oldest trees at España are only 40 years old. The coffee grows under a shade canopy of Ingas trees. At the harvest time, coffee cherries are sent to Beneficio El Carmen for processing. This varietal of 100 percent bourbon is fully washed and sundried on clay patios.

Located in Jakarta, The Capital of Indonesia, Dryve Coffee Co. as the roaster of this beans stated that this coffee produces dried fruits, tamarind, and raw sugar as the tasting notes.

Roaster: Dryve
Region: Apaneca-Ilamatecepec, Ahuachapan
Process: Fully washed and sundried on clay patios
Taste Notes: Dried Fruits, Tamarind, Raw Sugar
Roast Date: 19/1/2018
Variety: 100% Bourbon
Altitude: 1300 - 1450 m.d.p.l