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Ethiopia Bokasso


Roaster: Fuglen 
Region: Yrga Alem, Sidamo 
Weight: 200gr
Roast Date: 28/03/2018
Tasting Notes: Floral, Plum and Cherry. Sweet like a herb tea.
Process: Washed
Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom (Ethiopia rhinoceros)
Elevation: 2000 mASL


Produced under the name of Bokasso Cooperative, this coffee comes from the area of Sidamo, Ethiopia. This cooperative grows the coffee at the low density, which for this particular coffee grown at the elevation of 2,000masl. During the harvest time (which happens between September to December), this coffee is being hand-picked before it is sorted to separate which the ripest cherries available. This Ethiopian Heirloom varietals in the end could produce floral, plum, cherry, herb tea sweetness as the tasting notes.