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Gayo Berijin Pantanmusara

Q.U.B.E. Co.

This specialty coffee comes from the western part of Indonesia. Cultivated in the area of Central Aceh, North Sumatra, the most tip of northwestern Sumatra which produce unique tastes of cup flavor. This coffee comes from the area of Pantan Musara, which categorized as Pegasing Region, Northern Aceh, Indonesia.

This coffee is developed in the altitude of 1,400 to 1,600masl with the process of fullwashed. Cultivated in the estate area who belongs to the name of Hendra Maulizar, the guy who is responsible towards Gayo Berijin Pantanmusara.

Hendra as the second generation of his family is attempted to held collaboration with Klasik Beans Cooperative then producing this coffee which categorized as varietal Gayo 1 and Gayo 2. as the one who roasted this coffee stated that the names Q.U.B.E. is an abbreviation for Quality, Uniformity, Balance, and Extract. This means they are quite serious in terms of developing their roasting profile in order to reach the most best quality possible for the tastes of the coffee.

This roastery is currently based in South Tangerang, developing coffees on a small garage size of roastery that established since October 2016.

Roaster: Q.U.B.E. Co.
Region: Pantanmusara, Pegasing, Central Aceh
Process: Full Washed
Taste Notes: Syrupy Body, Caramel, Red Apple, Floral Hint, Milk-Chocolate Finish
Weight: 200gr
Roast Date: 18/1/2018
Variety: Gayo 1, Gayo 2
Altitude: 1400 - 1600 m.d.p.l