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Gayo Kenawat Honey


Our local coffee this time is Gayo Kenawat Honey roasted by Sumpu Coffee Roastery. This coffee came from a coffee plantation around Lut Tawar Lake, Aceh, with the elevation of 1500-1700 mdpl. This high elevation is one of the important things in developing the dense and complex taste of this coffee.

Another thing, this coffee plantation situated right beside a primary forest so natural predators also took a role in disinfecting the unwanted pest. On post-harvesting process, they consider timing as the most crucial thing. Mr. Rauf (the farmers) did the pulping, and then took the coffee cherries down to the mills in Kenawat village. The coffee cherries being dried for 21-25 days and rested for 45 days before finally going through several sortation processes.

Roaster: Sumpu Coffee & Roastery
Roast Date: August 19, 2017
Tasting Notes: Floral, Starfruit, Sweet Berry