Gayo Red Honey

Gayo Red Honey is plant on 1600 – 1800 mASL, produce complex flavor and exciting aroma. It came from plantation owned by Mr. Hamdan, he worked with several farmers to plant and crop this Gayo beans. Then it’s processed by Mr. Hamdan son named Mr. Hendra Maulizar. He is the one who make this coffee taste special by maintaining it’s quality.
The character of this beans is clearly satisfying and it has an elegant sweetness more like Blackcurrant. When it’s hot, you can find a hint of floral aroma. The acidity is quite mild that reminds us like Green Apple. When it’s turn colder the sweetness more like intense palm sugar and it has orange peel like after taste. Unique taste on each sip.

Region: Gayo Pegasing
Process: Red Honey
Variety: Multi (Abyssinia, Bourbon, Cattura)
Roast Date: 27/10/2017
Weight: 200gr
Tasting Notes: Green Apple, Blackcurrant, Palm Sugar and Orange Peel
Farm: Pegasing
Altitude: 1600 MDPL
Crop: September 2017