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Gesha St Felisa Milky Way

Curious People

Planted in 2012 at 1,800 MASL, this Gesha plantation is the highest altitude and natural forest area called Xualax. It is well balanced and harmonious. Its sweetness is like sugar cane, with berries like raspberry and strawberry, and jasmine hints. Some bergamot and currant also enrich the flavor. Citric like orange/tangerine acidity, with a consistent, silky and creamy body.

Roaster: Curious People Coffee
Region : Santa Felisa Estate, Guetamala 
Varietal : Gesha
Process : Natural
Altitude : 1800 mASL
Flavor Notes: Strawberry, Sugarcane, Bergamot & Hints of Jasmine
Weight: 200gr

NOTE: To ensure that you get the freshest this coffee is roasted by order. Any order before 5pm will be roasted and delivered the next day. If a fresh roast is available it will be shipped on the same day as your order.