Guatemala La Bolsa Ventana Grande Microlot

This coffee is categorized as one of the limited coffees from Omnibus. They have been helping the farmers since the 1980's. They have a kindergarten in the farm and also offer education to farmers. This resulted to more engaged farmers in the coffee production for the longer term and keeping the farms sustainable. Growing in the very high altitude area with spring water in the plantation, and two clear streams in the vicinity, the characteristic of this plant is rocky skin that is very rugged. Dare to try?

Roaster: Onibus Coffee
Weight: 200gr
Roast Date: 13/12/2017
Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Orange, Muscat, Green Apple
Variety: Catura, Bourbon
Processing: Fully Washed

Region: Huehuetenango
Elevation: 1400-1600