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Java Gunung Halu

Anomali Coffee

The farmer of Gunung Halu formerly cultivating vegetables (potatoes, cabbage, celery, tomatoes, leeks and so on) on his own land, while planting coffee only as his side job because vegetables have faster harvest time compared to coffee. However, he always strives for improvement. He tried to develop coffee in Perhutani land through the pattern of PHBM (Community of Forest Management), as well as being a collector and processor of coffee cherries.
The quality of his plantation green beans have been judged by many quality testers, even the researchers from PUSLITKOKA, Jember. In around June 2012, they’ve tested arabica coffee beans from Halu mountain, and this beans get cupping score of 83.42. On the latest cupping test held by Q graders, this coffee reached score above 85.

Roaster: Anomali Coffee
Region: Gunung Halu, Desa Soreang
Process: Honey Process
Taste Notes: Light Body, Nutty, Chocolaty Herbs
Roast Date: 21/12/2017
Variety: Sigarautang
Altitude: 1.200 - 1.400 m.d.p.l