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Hey Buddy Blend - Filter Roast

Padre Coffee

Roaster: Padre Coffee

Weight: 250gr
Roast Date: May 3rd, 2018
Tasting Notes: Strawberry jam up-front, hazelnut mid-palate and a clean milk chocolate finish.
Blend: 50:50 of Washed Ethiopia & Natural Ethiopia
Region: Ethiopia


Hey Buddy is a 50:50 blend that consists of 100% Ethiopian origin, 50% washed and 50% natural process. These two origins, Ethiopia Sidama Kebado and Ethiopia Limu Gera Farm are two gorgeous coffees from one of our favourite growing regions; sweet, syrupy and aromatic. According to Padre Coffee, who roast and blend this beans, Hey Buddy is unbeatable for filter, cold brew & plunger.


If you are interested in Cold Brewing, you may then check Padre Coffee’s recipe which is designed for the Hario or Bruer. They recommend a ratio of 1:8.5 (or 60g medium-coarse coffee to 510ml filtered water) for a concentrate suitable for dilution with ice, water or milk. For best results, begin by opening the water valve fully to allow enough water through to saturate the coffee evenly. Close the valve and wait ten minutes, discarding any coffee that drips through in this period. Re-open the valve to one drip every two seconds, maintain this rate through the rest of the brew.