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Honduras COE #3

Curious People

Roaster: Curious People
Region: Santa Barbara
Altitude: 1,700 M ASL
Varietal: Pacas
Processing: Washed
Tasting Notes: Apple, Peach, Orange Acidity, Clean Aftertast


Grown near Lake Yojoa’s volcanic field along the Santa Barbara mountains, a gentle microclimate and biodiverse terroir contribute to El Guayabo’s delicate peach flavors. El Guayabo is higher than most coffee farms in Honduras in an area inaccessible by roads and home to over 800 plant species and 400 bird species. At this height, the coffee matures more slowly, and the coffee cherries develop even deeper and more intense flavors.

El Guayabo is named for the single guava tree that grows on producer Mario Alexis Moreno Leiva’s plantation. In the four years Mario Alexis has managed the farm, El Guayabo has won the Cup of Excellence twice in a row, and this particular edition of El Guayabo is a spectacular, competition-grade 90 points.

El Guayabo has the delicate, floral fragrance of white peach, a mellow sweetness rounded out by elderflower and lemon zest, and an underlying note of almond extract. In the mouth, El Guayabo has clear and distinct notes of white peach—quite simply the freshest peach juice you’ve had. Its flavors are balanced out by a striking combination of sweet and tart reminiscent of limoncello. Towards the finish, the almond notes of frangipane come through, giving El Guayabo a smoothness and roundness.

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