Java Frinsa Collective

Two Hands Full

Java Frinsa Estate is owned by Wildan Mustofa; once a potato breeder, turned to a coffee farmer because of his calling to make a better livelihood for the locals.

The coffees are picked and then hand sorted from unripe cherries. Then dry fermented in small tanks for 15-18 hours before they are rinsed and soaked under water for another 10-12 hours, last but not least washed with clean water.

They mainly dry on patio, but are investing in more drying tables for the future. Currently most of the coffees are pre dried on beds for a day or two in drying houses and then transferred to the patio. Drying can take up to 14-20 days.


Roaster: Two Hands Full
Weight: 200gr
Roast Date: 12/3/2018
Tasting Notes: Orange, Brown Sugar, Lemongrass
Region: Weninggalih, Sindangkerta
Processing: Washed
Variety: Sigararutang, Andungsari, P88

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