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Kalita Wave Dripper & Filter 185


Established in October 1958 at Nihonbashi, Tokyo, they started to launched Shinmaruko factory at Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi. This company decided to create this brewing device with the wave streamline style as their products characteristic. What makes it quite distinct from other pour-over devices is this device has three extraction holes instead of single extraction hole. This device also has flat bottom, eliminates any channeling of water in the coffee bed. As a result, extremely crisp cup would be enjoyed. Additionally, the 20 waves shaped to protect the coffee bed from heat loss. With the filter that has minimum contact with the dripper, the consistency of the temperature and even dispersion of water can be achieved. It is made from a stainless-steel dripper that has a pleasant wave pattern with a sense of cleanliness. In this section, we provide you the Wave Series that ease your brewing experience yet still able to maximize the taste of the coffee itself. You may purchase the package option which include paper filters or standalone option for the device only.