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Kenya AA Gatomboya


Cooperative: Gatomboya - Barichu Farmers Cooperative Society
Factory: Gatomboya Factory
Region: Nyeri, Kenya
Varieties: SL28 & SL34
Altitude: 1800 masl
Processing: Full Washed
Weight: 200g
Tasting Notes: Black Currant, Cane Sugar, Floral
Roast Date: 20 February 2019

Gatomboya is one of four washing stations affiliated with the Barichu Farmers Cooperative Society. Smallholder coffee farmers from surrounding villages bring coffee to the Gatomboya Washing Station and the nearby Gatomboya stream provides the water source for the washing station.

Highlighting some of the characteristics of classic Kenyan coffees, such as black currant and berries, this is an incredibly sweet coffee with that hint of floral in the finish.