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Kenya Asali Top AA

Smoking Barrels

Comes from the eastern area of Africa, this coffee has been known as some of the most distinctive products in the world of coffee. Lies at the elevation of 1,675masl, this coffee is cultivated in the land of Kenya in the foothills of Aberdare Rangers in Thika by the producer called Asali Cooperatives. “AA” (Usually spoken as “double A”) here indicates the large beans size and usually being the most sought after Kenyan coffees.


Roaster: Smoking Barrels
Weight: 250gr
Roast Date: 5/3/2018
Tasting Notes: Hints of Floral, Blackcurrant, Caramel, Cocoa
Region: Thika
Processing: Washed
Variety: SL28, SL34
Elevation: 1675 mASL