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Kenya Gathaiti

Seven Seeds

Gathaithi was a stand out coffee in Australia last year. Think grape fanta, honey sweetness & long lasting…it almost didn’t taste like coffee. Seven Seeds visited in January, at the end of the main harvest, to meet with Factory Manager Peter Karienye (pictured overleaf). We talked through processing, the pre-financing opportunities available to farmers, and sustainable farming practices. The Gathaithi Coffee Factory in Nyeri county, purchases cherry from 1250 smallholder farmers in the surrounding area. Wedged between Mt Kenya and Aberdare ranges, the mineral rich red-volcanic soil and good rainfall create rich conditions for two cropping seasons a year.

Suitable for filter

Weight: 250gr
Roaster: Seven Seeds
Origin: Gathaithi, Tetu District, Nyeri County, Kenya
Varietal: Ruiru, Sl28, Batian
Process: Washed

Flavor Notes: Brown Sugar, Blackcurrant, Grapefruit. Distinct Kenyan aroma with vibrant acidity, crisp mouthfeel and zesty, riesling-like finish.