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Kerinci Radjo (Drip Pack)

Smoking Barrels

Remember those time when you are at the office or travelling to a new place and you just don’t have the time (or tools) to make great coffee? wouldn’t it be great if you can brew without having to worry about bringing a scale or swan neck kettle! with you everywhere? 

Gordi Drip Pack is made to save your time without compromising quality. Each bag contains just the right amount of coffee for a single brew. Simply tear the package, place it on top of your mug and pour hot water. Great coffee has never been this practical. 

Each product consist of 5 ready-to-brew drip bags.

Origin: Jambi, Kerinci
Tasting Notes: Tangerine-like Acidity, Dark Chocolate & Brown Sugar Sweetness
Roaster: Smoking Barrels Coffee