Pantan Musara Abbysinia

Papa Mama


Roaster: Papa & Mama BBC
Region: Gayo
Processing: Natural
Varietal: Abysinnia
Elevation: 1100-1600 MASL
Flavor Note: Cascara, dark fruit, grilled pineapple & hazelnut
Weight: 200 gr

This is where Indonesian coffees being exceptional. We first encountered this coffee during Indonesia Barista / Brewers Championship 2018, beginning of this year. This natural lot was used by Otniel Christofer from Two Hands Full Bandung, and secured the Top 6 position of Western Regional Indonesia Brewers Competition. This coffee comes from Pantan Musara village, Aceh Tengah, which being led by Mr. Hendra Maulizar. We respect Mr. Hendra’s passion and dedication as a coffee farmer as much as we love his coffees. Besides being passionate and dedicated, he is very transparent and honest with his product, which resonance our value in specialty coffee: quality, transparency, and traceability. Finally, you can expect to have cascara in the aroma, followed by dark fruits flavors like dark cherry, and grilled pineapple sweetness. This coffee has a juicy body, with an aftertaste of hazelnuts.

Direct Roast

Para roaster yang bekerja sama dengan Gordi ingin memastikan kalau kopi yang Anda dapatkan adalah segar atau freshly roasted. Produk ini termasuk salah satunya. Apabila Anda memesan produk ini roaster akan segera mensangrainya di hari jadwal roasting mereka lalu akan dikirimkan dalam waktu 24 jam setelah roasting. Kopi Anda akan sampai pada 2-3 hari kemudian. 

Roasting Schedule

Selasa, Rabu & Kamis

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