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Rwanda Musha Natural

Papa Mama

Roaster: Papa & Mama BBC
Region: Amayaga zone, Gisagara district
Tasting Notes: 
Varietal: Bourbon
Elevation: 1433 masl
Harvest: February - May 2018

Musha washing station lies at an altitude of 1422 masl in the Gisagara district of Rwanda’s Southern Province. The station supports 657 smallholder coffee producers from the surrounding hills. Given the high number of washing stations, the stations face high competition to receive cherry from the surrounding community. Therefore, they have to accept almost every delivery to prevent the producer to sell elsewhere with less hassle. Hence, an important selection task has to be carried out by the washing station staff in order to produce the best coffees. Musha washing station produces naturals only at the beginning and at the end of the harvest season. After selection, the cherries are sent straight to the drying tables until evenly dried; taking around 3 weeks.

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