4 Enemies of Roasted Coffee
4 Enemies of Roasted Coffee
by Irawan Shopify Collaborator

Have you heard these statements:
Coffee last longer if stored in a fridge.
Its much better to buy ground coffee so you can just brew at home.

Hopefully, after you read this article, you can determine what is most appropriate for roasted coffee.

Storage of roasted coffee is highly crucial to preserve the freshness, aroma and taste of your coffee. Not only that, it also shows the appreciation you have for the efforts of those farmers and roasters to present the coffee you recently bought.


1. air
2. extreme temperature difference.
3. extreme pressure / humidity difference.
4. direct sunlight

To those who normally buys ground coffee, do you remember the aroma when you first open the bag? Then you start to wonder why, after only a few days, the same coffee doesnt smell like it was days ago?

Well, the most volatile component in coffee is its aroma. The aroma evaporates faster after you grind the beans. Once ground, the surface area becomes bigger. Hence, the coffee becomes more exposed to air and the aroma dissipates quickly.

The extreme difference in temperature and pressure also accelerate the removals of coffee goodness. Like when you bring coffee from overseas and you check them in your baggage, the coffee doesnt taste as good when you brew at home. Aside from the fact, youre no longer on holiday so you have a different mood. The culprit is actually the pressurised aeroplane.

Here are few simple tips to best store your coffee:

1. Buy in smaller quantity so you always have fresh coffee at home. Or you can always get a hassle-free coffee subscription. :) 
2. Invest in a grinder. Buy whole beans and grind only as youre about to brew.
3. When youre travelling, make sure you tape the one-way valve in the packaging and bring it in your carry-on. That way, you can always brew in your seat and make the plane smell like great coffee. Youre welcome other passengers.

How about you? Comment below if you have any other tips for storing coffee.

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