Brewing your coffee at home shouldn’t be that hard. Whether you are new to the wonderful and exciting world of coffee brewing or someone who just discovered a new brewing device this page is dedicated to help you understand more about how to brew and taste coffee at home.


Chances are you have seen this device in your favourite coffee shop. You might even have this at your home, One of the trickiest to master and yet the best when it comes to clean flavor.

Clever Dripper

Our favourite at Gordi for its combination between immersion and pour over. If you get the recipe and technique right it will consistently produce clean and flavorful coffee.

French Press

The classic and easiest of all. Known to produce high body with its immersion style brew.


One of the most versatile and travel-friendly brewing device. So famous that it now has it’s own world competition!

Kalita Wave

With its stainless steel and wavy contours, the Kalita Wave wins over coffee and design enthusiasts alike. It’s a favorite pour over brew method for home use and it’s great on the go, too.

Sensory Skill DIY Kit

Sensory is an important skill to train for any home brewers and now with our DIY kit you can do the exercise conveniently at home with little to no technical expertise needed.

Cupping at Home

Coffee cupping, or coffee tasting, is the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. It is a professional practice we’ve written a guideline for you to be able to do it at home.

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