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Panama Hartmann Maragogype


Hartmann Estate is at the forefront of specialty coffee — progressive and quality-driven — and this natural process Maragogype perfectly demonstrates the result of their dedication. This coffee are sought after and by their very nature are in short supply. Lush and complex, expect grapefruit acidity, blackcurrant, and white sugar from this Maragogype — with soft florals to finish.

Roaster: Colonna (UK)
Country: Panama
Region: Santa Clara, Chiriqui province
Farm names: Hartmann Estate
Elevations: 1200 – 2000 msal
Processing : Natural
Varietal: Maragogype
Notes: Lush and complex, expect grapefruit acidity, blackcurrant and white sugar
Weight : 100 grams
Roast Date: 20 October 2018