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Solok Labah Rimbo

Panna Coffee Roasters

Roaster: Panna Coffee Roasters
Weight: 200gr
Roast Date: 3/19/2018
Tasting Notes: Mango, Peach, Sweet Red Fruits, Herbs, Orange finish
Processing: Honey process

Region: Solok, West Sumatera
Elevation: 1400

This coffee comes from a local cooperative named Solok Radjo which is located in the highland of Solok. This cooperative itself is the washing station for all coffees that are cultivated near Danau Atas, Danau Bawah, Danau Talang, Lembah Gumanti, and the hillside of Gunung Talang. Labah Rimbo is grown at the elevation of 1.400masl. During the post-harvest, the coffee undergone honey process method and consists of multiple varieties. When you enjoy this coffee, you’ll find hints of mango, peach, sweet red fruits, herbs, and orange finish as the  tasting notes.