Summer Blend

This coffee is a combination of two beans; 60% from Tade Guji, Ethiopia and 40% of them comfrom Luka, Papua New Guinea. Grown at the altitude of 1,830 to 1,950masl, the coffee cherries develop and ripen slowly, fully absorbing the nutrients of the deep red, volcanic soil. This washed lot brings lovely sweetness and tropical notes to the blend. Meanwhile Luoka Papua New Guinea is a blend of Lufa and Okapa districts’ best coffees. It is developed in the most remote and prestigious area of the Eastern Highlands Province. Comes with high rainfall and good quality soils, the Luoka has all the perfect conditions for a high-quality cup. Expect to taste a bright, clean coffee with big tropical fruit flavors, and vibrant acidity.

Roaster: Industry Beans
Weight: 250gr
Tasting Notes: Mango, Lemon Sorbet, Vanilla Beans.
Region: Ethiopia + Papua New Guinea

Category: Fruity, International