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Sunda Gulali

Society Coffee

Roaster: Society Coffee
Weight: 100gr
Roast Date: 29 Maret 2018
Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Caramel, Red Apple, Clean Aftertaste
Region: Southern Bandung, West Java
Processing: Pulped Natural
Variety: Typica and Lini S
Altitude: 1,200 – 1,400masl

This coffee is developed by Klasik Beans, a cooperative that supports coffee farmers in the area of Southern Bandung, West Java. This cooperative is led by the name Eko Purnomowidi, who have been encouraging the local farmers to join the cooperative. This cooperative applies Agroforest concept towards their growing areas. They want to keep the coffee plantation is pesticide-free which costs them revitalizing the natural forest. Grown at the elevation of 1,200 to 1,400masl, this natural process coffee is categorized as Typica and Lini S varietals.