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Toraja Yale

Dapoer Kopi

Cultivated in the northern part of Toraja, this beans has the growth altitude of 1.700 meters ASL. This beans is a S-795 varietal that comes from a family farm named Yacobus Lele in Lembang Sapan, Buntu Pepasan, North Toraja, South Sulawesi. Bapak Yacobus Lele himself is the only owner of coffee farm in Toraja that cultivate this beans.

Coming to Toraja especially in the region of Buntu Pepasan, we must be thinking of the welcoming area is full of coffee plantation hills, Well, it is not. The main area was cover with main farm consists of vegetables in which the coffee plantation is only far behind. That is because the main livelihood of this area comes from the vegetables. As Dapoer Kopi said, this beans is able to reach its peak of best taste on the 8th day after roasting date.

Giving the bright taste, this coffee was succeed to reach the highest price in the Indonesia Coffee Specialty Bidding in 2012. Toraja Yale dry hulled has also placed in second rank in the event of 2014 IBC (International barista Championship). Later, this beans was also brought to join the WBC (World Barista Championship) in Italy.

Roaster: Dapoer Kopi
Region: Buntu Pepasan, North Toraja
Process: Wet Hull
Taste Notes: Brown Sugar, Spice, Citrus, Balance
Roast Date: 5/1/2018
Variety: S-795
Altitude: 1.700 m.d.p.l